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Managed Kubernetes in Public Cloud



Other Managed Kubernetes

  • Otomi Container Platform Offers an Integrated Kubernetes Bundle If you want to enjoy the benefits of Kubernetes, configuring and installing the software itself can be just the first of many deeply technical and oftentimes confusing steps. To simplify this, many major cloud providers offer managed Kubernetes services, but even then you may need to install secondary services to handle tasks such as tracing, logging, monitoring, identity access management, and so on. The Otomi Container Platform looks to address this complexity by bundling together more than 30 different Kubernetes add-ons, as well as providing what it calls an β€œOSX like interface,” and today the project has open sourced a community edition under the Apache 2.0 license.

AWS EKS (Hosted/Managed Kubernetes on AWS)

EKS Anywhere (on premises)

AKS Azure Kubernetes Service

GKE Google Kubernetes Engine

IKS IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service


Tools for multi-cloud Kubernetes management


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