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Kubernetes Storage. Cloud Native Storage


Kubernetes Volumes Guide

  • Filesystem vs Volume vs Persistent Volume 🌟
  • This is a guide that covers:
    • How to set up and use volumes in Kubernetes
    • What are persistent volumes, and how to use them
    • How to use an NFS volume
    • Shared data and volumes between pods

ReadWriteMany PersistentVolumeClaims


Cloud Native Storage Solutions







  • OpenEBS extends the benefits of software-defined storage to cloud native through the container attached approach.
  • MayaData Founder of OpenEBS
  • Running OpenEBS in Kubernetes
  • OpenEBS Features and Benefits OpenEBS is cloudnative storage for stateful applications on K8s where “cloud native” means following a loosely coupled architecture. As such the normal benefits to cloud native, loosely coupled architectures apply.



IBM Spectrum Storage Suite



  • Kadalu A lightweight Persistent storage solution for Kubernetes / OpenShift using GlusterFS in background.


OpenShift Container Storage Operator (OCS)

OCS 3 (OpenShift 3)

  • OpenShift Container Storage based on GlusterFS technology.
  • Not OpenShift 4 compliant: Migration tooling will be available to facilitate the move to OCS 4.x (OpenShift Gluster APP Mitration Tool).

OCS 4 (OpenShift 4)

  • OCS Operator based on with Operator LifeCycle Manager (OLM).
  • Tech Stack:
    • Rook (don’t confuse this with non-redhat “Rook Ceph” -> RH ref).
      • Replaces Heketi (OpenShift 3)
      • Uses Red Hat Ceph Storage and Noobaa.
    • Red Hat Ceph Storage
    • Noobaa:
      • Red Hat Multi Cloud Gateway (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc)
      • Asynchronous replication of data between my local ceph and my cloud provider
      • Deduplication
      • Compression
      • Encryption
  • Backups available in OpenShift 4.2+ (Snapshots + Restore of Volumes)
  • OCS Dashboard in OCS Operator



  • VolSync 🌟 Asynchronous data replication for Kubernetes volumes. VolSync asynchronously replicates Kubernetes persistent volumes between clusters using either rsync or rclone. It also supports creating backups of persistent volumes via restic.
  • Introducing VolSync: your data, anywhere VolSync, a new storage-agnostic utility for exporting and importing objects from one Kubernetes namespace to another, even across clusters!

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