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Java and Java Programming Models. Open Source Microservices Frameworks


Existing Java Implementations

Use Java 11

Java Collections Interview Questions

Java Programming Models (Frameworks)

  • Best Java Frameworks Solutions The best Java Frameworks vendors are Apache Spark, Spring Boot, Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Jakarta EE, and Open Liberty. Apache is the top solution according to IT Central Station reviews and rankings. One reviewer writes: “Fast performance and has an easy initial setup”, and another reviewer writes: “Easy to use and is capable of processing large amounts of data”. The 2nd best product is Spring Boot. A user writes: “Very smooth implementation; excellent features for monitoring and tracking network calls “, and another reviewer writes: “Makes it difficult to support a specific functionality in a user-friendly manner, but simplifies application deployment”.
  • Open Source Microservices Frameworks (frameworks for microservices development):
Java Programming Model Technology Cloud Native (microservices) Platform
Java EE
Java EE at a Glance
Frontend + Backend
Java EE Monoliths
No Java EE Middleware Servers (WAS, WebLogic, JBoss EAP, etc)
Jakarta EE (Java EE renamed) Frontend + Backend Yes OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc
MicroProfile Backend (RESTful) Yes OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc
SpringBoot (Spring) Backend (RESTful) Yes OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc
Spring Cloud (Spring) Backend (RESTful) Yes OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc
Quarkus Backend (RESTful) Yes OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc
Thorntail Backend (RESTful) Yes OpenShift, Kubernetes, etc

Jakarta EE

Eclipse MicroProfile

Server Vendors providing MicroProfile runtimes



SpringBoot with Docker

Spring Cloud

Spring Cloud Kubernetes
Spring Cloud Config and Spring Cloud Config Server
Secure Secrets with Spring Cloud Vault and alternatives

microservice arch


Thorntail (aka WildFly Swarm)

  • Red Hat Thorntail is a framework based on the popular WildFly Java application server to enable the creation of small, stand-alone microservice-based applications. Thorntail is capable of producing so-called just enough app-server to support each component of your system.

Spring Boot VS MicroProfile