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Introduction to Digital Business Transformation

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Configuration Drift

  • Dzone: Configuration Drift 🌟 Configuration Drift is the phenomenon where running servers in an infrastructure become more and more different as time goes on, due to manual ad-hoc changes and updates, and general entropy.
  • What is Configuration Drift? Configuration drift is a data center environment term. At a high level, configuration drift happens when production or primary hardware and software infrastructure configurations β€œdrift” or become different in some way from a recovery or secondary configuration or visa versa. Production or primary and recovery or secondary configurations are designed to be identical in certain aspects is order for business resumption should there be a disaster or major failure in production. When these infrastructure configurations drift from another, they leave a gap between them which commonly called a configuration gap.
  • Cloud Drift Detection: How to Resolve Out-of-State Changes

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OCP 4 Pland and Deploy

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DevOps Tools

DevOps as a Service (DaaS)

  • DevOps as a Service: Migrating Your Entire DevOps Stack to the Cloud The goal of DaaS is to enable organizations to focus on developing and delivering software without having to worry about managing or maintaining tools. It is designed to abstract away the intricacies of tool integration, deployment and maintenance. This enables teams to focus on higher-level tasks, and outsources significant manual effort.

IaC Infrastructure as Code


Xebia Labs and DevOps

DevOps Tools

Data Driven DevOps Automation with Ketpn. Automating Service Level Indicators/Service Level Objectives based build validation with Keptn and Jenkins





  • Reporting 🌟 As more projects adopt the Kubernetes Resource Model for managing things beyond containers, we really need a reporting framework to help people understand configuration drift.


Netflix and DevOps

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